Seijo University Research Branding Project

【MEXT PROGRAM (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Techonology.) Research Branding Project for Private Universities】

Project to Establish and Promote a World-Leading Center for Glocal Studies that Contributes toward a Sustainable and Inclusive Society, 2016-2022

Seijo University has launched a world-leading project that builds upon its trailblazing work in the field of glocal studies. The project will outline a vision of an inclusive society, one that accommodates multicultural, multifaceted, and multilayered lives and values. It will also clarify the individual and social resilience that underpins such a society.
The insights yielded by the project will be used to benefit the university’s flagship high-quality liberal-arts education. In this manner, the project will establish a world-leading glocal-studies center that will foster the resilience necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s society.

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