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Japanese Language Program

Seijo University has a small yet intensive and rewarding Japanese language program for exchange students. Japanese language courses are divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced according to the result of placement test. Currently, there are no classes for absolute beginners, and all classes are conducted in Japanese.

Course List for 2020 Academic Year

The first term described as 前期- spring semester (A) runs from April to July, and the second term described as 後期-fall semester (B) runs from September to January.


科目名 Course Title Hours per week Credits Syllabus
日本語(初級)IA Japanese (Elementary) IA 12 8 pdf
日本語(初級)IB Japanese (Elementary) IB 12 8 pdf


科目名 Course Title Hours per week Credits Syllabus
日本語(中級)IA <日本語聴読解作文> Japanese (Intermediate) IA <Reading and Listening Comprehension / Writing> pdf
日本語(中級)IB <日本語聴読解作文> Japanese (Intermediate) IB <Reading and Listening Comprehension / Writing> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IIA <日本語会話> Japanese (Intermediate) IIA <Communication> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IIB <日本語会話> Japanese (Intermediate) IIB <Communication> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IIIA <日本語文法と漢字> Japanese (Intermediate) IIIA <Grammar & Kanji> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IIIB <日本語文法と漢字> Japanese (Intermediate) IIIB <Grammar & Kanji> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IVA <総合日本語> Japanese (Intermediate) IVA <Integrated Japanese> 3 2 pdf
日本語(中級)IVB <総合日本語> Japanese (Intermediate) IVB <Integrated Japanese> 3 2 pdf


科目名 Course Title Hours per week Credits Syllabus
日本語(上級)IA <日本語聴読解> Japanese (Advanced) IA <Reading and Listening Comprehension> 3 2 pdf
日本語(上級)IB <日本語聴読解> Japanese (Advanced) IB <Reading and Listening Comprehension> 3 2 pdf
日本語(上級)IIA <日本語文章表現> Japanese (Advanced) IIA <Writing> 1.5 1 pdf
日本語(上級)IIB <日本語文章表現> Japanese (Advanced) IIB <Writing> 1.5 1 pdf
日本語(上級)IIIA <日本語会話> Japanese (Advanced) IIIA <Communication> 1.5 1 pdf
日本語(上級)IIIB <日本語会話> Japanese (Advanced) IIIB <Communication> 1.5 1 pdf
日本語(上級)IVA <日本語文法と漢字> Japanese (Advanced) IVA <Grammar & Kanji> 3 2 pdf
日本語(上級)IVB <日本語文法と漢字> Japanese (Advanced) IVB <Grammar & Kanji> 3 2 pdf
日本語(上級)VA <総合日本語> Japanese (Advanced) VA <Integrated Japanese> 3 2 pdf
日本語(上級)VB <総合日本語> Japanese (Advanced) VB <Integrated Japanese> 3 2 pdf