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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics, founded in the same year as Seijo University, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2000. Our main education principle, in line with the founding philosophy of the University, is to encourage the individuality and self-discipline of our students by teaching in small classes. Through close interaction between teachers and students, we train individuals to truly appreciate their chosen field of study, providing them with practical skills and deep professional knowledge. This goal is largely achieved through interaction between people.

21st century Japan faces an ageing society and globalization, both on a scale never experienced before. We believe that well-balanced knowledge of the practical aspects of economics as well as theory provides a starting point from which to address these issues. Our students must also acquire the skills to investigate the mechanisms of the economy, analyze them, and suggest appropriate reforms. We train our students to elucidate and communicate problems and solutions to the broader community.

To pursue this type of flexible intellect, students must have a wider perspective on, and intellectual curiosity about, the economy and the changing environment surrounding it. Neither economics nor business administration theory are isolated academic disciplines; they exist within the framework of society and its institutions. By helping students to develop a critical awareness of social welfare (including aspects such as diverse cultures, social systems and basic values), this Faculty is committed to the advancement of knowledge in each of the individual economic fields.

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Department of Economics

Though our courses are focused on specialized fields such as economic theory, economic policy, history and social policy, they also emphasize social welfare issues. Starting from their sophomore year, students enroll in small-sized seminars.

Major courses

- Principles of economics
- Microeconomics
- Money and banking
- Social policy
- Social security
- Public economics
- Macroeconomics
- History of economics
- Economic history
- Business cycles

Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration teaches specialized fields such as corporate management, accounting, commercial science, and management information science, while at the same time stressing the development of computer literacy. In principle classes are kept small. We also engage in joint research with other universities, company surveys, and joint research with private companies.

Major courses

- Computer literacy
- Data analysis
- History of management
- Financial accounting
- Business administration theory
- Personnel management and labor relations
- Introduction to marketing
- International business management
- Managerial accounting theory
- Transportation theory