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Graduate Programs

Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Economics and Business Administration. Our programs provide rigorous training in the research process as well as close supervision by the relevant staff. Our purpose is to equip students with analytical skills and deep insights built on a base of advanced knowledge in Economics and Business Administration.

Our M.A. program offers two options: thesis and non-thesis courses. The thesis course is intended for students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. or to work as a researcher in the private, public, or non-profit sectors. Students are required to write a Master's thesis on an individually designed research subject. Meanwhile, the non-thesis course enables students to master advanced professional skills in the fields of Economics and Business Administration. Students are required to write a free-format research paper instead of a thesis.

In addition to Japanese high school graduates, we accept students from overseas as well as senior citizens. We have found that currently senior citizens are searching for more continuing education opportunities, since they have already experienced one or more practical careers. We offer special examinations for international students and senior citizens.

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Graduate School of Literature

The Graduate School of Literature is comprised of six majors: Japanese language and literature, English, Japanese folk culture, aesthetics and art history, communications, and European culture. In consultation with their advisors, graduate students design courses of study that not only broaden and deepen their knowledge in their fields but also prepare them for satisfying careers after earning their degrees. Our seminar-style small class system and constructive faculty supervision serve to foster and enhance the analytical, writing, and presentation skills necessary for budding scholars. We also have agreements with Seikei University and Musashi University that give graduate students the option to augment their studies and earn credits by taking courses at these institutions.

Seikei graduates move on to a diverse array of successful careers upon earning their M.A. and/or Ph.D. degrees.. Many of our graduates start (or resume) jobs at universities, research institutes, and museums as faculty members, researchers, and curators. For others, graduate degrees help further their careers as elementary, junior high, or high school teachers. A number of graduates put the skills they acquired while studying at the Graduate School of Literature to good use in their work in the private sector.

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Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law offers advanced education in legal studies, preparing students for success in professional careers by providing them with specialized knowledge and practical research skills. We strive to produce graduates capable of working with the current trends toward globalization, giving them the ability to address the diversification of numerous political, economic and social problems.
The overall purpose of our program is twofold: first, to train students in basic research skills in the areas of expertise of our prominent faculty; and second, to develop students’ ability to examine specific and individual themes by applying the basic research skills they have learned. Thus, students not only receive methodological training and are empowered to pursue fundamental theoretical research; they are also exposed to the cutting-edge legal issues of our society.

If you are interested in enrolling in Seijo University, please also refer to the admissions pages.

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Graduate School of Innovation and Social Studies

Innovation is a key concept at the Graduate School of Innovation and Social Studies, from our perspective as both an academic and problem-solving research institution in the social science field. Our School is the newest Graduate School at Seijo University, established to respond to the new academic disciplines required by our modern society. We take pride in our excellent facilities, particularly our well-equipped classrooms and research laboratories. Our greatest priority is, however, to pay close individual attention to all of our students.

Because we specialize in innovation in the fields of technology and management, the scope of our studies runs the gamut from economic policy to management strategy, all the while focusing on the creation and production of innovation. At the same time, while recognizing that innovation triggers social and lifestyle changes, our studies concentrate on the application and impact of innovation from psychological and social viewpoints.

Many of our faculty members are leading scholars, noted for their significant achievements in various fields in innovation studies.

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