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Health and Medical Information

Health Clinic

Health clinic office, on-campus health resource, is located at building No.1. The staff at clinic will provide treatment if you are ill or injured on a daily basis.
They also provide the service to access to hospitals or specialists with consulting.

Student Counseling Office

The university lifestyle can be stressful to many students due to the sudden dramatic change in their environment. A typical example is what we call "May Sickness," which can occur immediately after enrolling at a university, in which students become apathetic and lethargic. In an effort to help students affected with this issue, Seijo University offers a student counseling room with a full time counselor. Students are also able to consult a psychiatrist if they wish. The university encourages students to make use of this counseling room as it is often difficult to solve psychological problems one one's own. Our attentive counselor takes pride in listening and solving personal problems ranging from academic interests to general lifestyle issues, and provides referrals to off campus institutions when necessary.

Health and Medical Insurance

Although Seijo University expects students to be responsible for their health, we understand that problems do arise, and therefore we provide the following medical services:

  • Periodic medical check-ups
  • Health check-ups prior to participation in sports training camps
  • Medical counseling by the university doctor

Seijo University offers Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research for all students regardless of their nationality. This insurance covers unforeseen accidents and disasters. Students are required to report to the Student Administration Office in case they are injured during class, while commuting to university, during a university event, or during university activities on or off campus.