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Submit the required documents by mail through the international office of your home university. Your international office has the required documents for applying Seijo Exchange Program. Application documents have to arrive at International Studies Center of Seijo University on or before the deadline, April 15 for Fall semester starts and October 31 for Spring semester. Seijo University will screen them and if you are accepted, you will receive Acceptance letter, Certificate of Eligibility, Housing Information and other supporting documents about 2 month before the program starts.

Required application documents:

  1. The Application for Seijo Exchange Program
  2. A Letter of Nomination from the international office of your home university
  3. Official academic transcript (in English)
  4. passport quality photos, not snapshot photos, taken within 6 months. (4cm H x 3cm W)
  5. Application for the Certificate of Eligibility
  6. Financial verification (in English). A Bank statement or other evidence to verifying that you can pay for your expense in Japan, evidence of scholarship or sponsorship, etc.
  7. A photo copy of your passport
  8. Health Certificate
  9. Medical History and Insurance Form