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Center for General Education

One of the founding principles of Seijo University is to foster creative students with unique and vibrant personalities. To give a modern connotation to this concept, the Center for General Education provides a curriculum based on general knowledge in parallel with the majors given by each department. This provides excellent quality education and encourages students to engage in independent and voluntary activities. The specific educational goals and features of the Center for General Education are as follows:

  1. To help students develop the sophistication to understand diversifying society and culture

    Through general education classes, the Center works to help students attain a sophisticated understanding of diversifying society and culture. Students start by being more conscious of the issues that surround them, perceiving various aspects of modern society and the world to attain the basic knowledge needed in modern society. Through this process, students realize what degree of sophistication is required.

  2. To cultivate critical but creative cognition and reason

    The Center strives to facilitate critical but creative cognition and reasoning through literacy and career design classes. Literacy classes in particular provide practical training in Writing, Reading, and Debate (WRD) in order to cultivate the basic abilities necessary for university education as well as for survival in modern society. In this WRD class, representing the key concepts of the Center for General Education, students are instructed on how to be conscious of the issues and how to express their opinions throughout all classes.

  3. To develop the ability to learn independently and to communicate actively

    The Center encourages students to learn independently and to communicate actively. Our literacy class in particular encourages students to use a variety of tools for self-expression, and to develop their practical communication abilities.

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