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Academic Calendar

General Academic Calendar and Events


Entrance  Ceremony

Entrance Ceremony
- Orientation period for freshmen
- Registration period

First Semester Classes Start


Anniversary of the Founding of the Seijo Educational Institute


President Cup

"The President Cup" Isehara Sports Day
- Annual sports promotion day held at Seijo Gakuen Isehara Ground.
The teams play either baseball, soccer, softball, tennis and the winning teams of each category are honored with "President Cup". Every year 200 to 300 students, faculties and staffs fight for the cup.


Semester Final Exam
Farewell Party for Exchange Students


Summer Vacation


Exchange Students

Orientation for Exchange Students
- ISC provides orientation sessions for new exchange students to inform about course registration, Japanese language programs, scholarships, accommodations, health insurance, disaster prevention as well as campus tour provided by Seijo students. Also, welcome party follows after the orientation, which is a good opportunity for international students to get to know each other and Seijo students.

Second Semester Classes Start


Athletic Competition

Four Universities' Athletic Competition (Seijo, Gakushuin, Seikei, and Musashi)
- This traditional competition was established to promote friendships between 4 universities through sports competition since 1950.


Cultural Festival

Seijo University Cultural Festival
- At the festival, exchange students make presentation about their home country and university, as well as Seijo students report their experiences of Study Abroad Programs.

International Student’s Party

International Student's Party
- All international students are invited for this party to mingle with the other international students, Seijo students, faculties and staffs.


Seijo Regatta

Seijo Regatta
- Seijo regatta is a fun traditional event of boat racing competition held at Toda Olympic Boat Course in Saitama.

Winter Break


Second Semester Final Exam


Spring Vacation