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Lifelong Education

Seijo University has a continuing education support center called the "SEIJO Manabi-no-Mori / SEIJO Woods of Learning".

The objective of SEIJO Manabi-no-Mori, launched April 1, 2006, is to share some of the university's intellectual assets with the general community, acting as a center for continuing education. We strive not only to attract repeater participants and students, but also to serve as a place where the people of the community and our institution can interact. We wish to provide a continuous learning environment where working people can take graduate courses or audit classes.

The name "SEIJO Manabi-no-Mori / SEIJO Woods of Learning" comes from the idea that the wind carries seeds to a place on the earth where they can set down roots and grow, forming a magnificent and lush forest form a barren field. The name represents our wish here at Seijo for the people who come to our institution to experience the joy of learning together with our faculty and with other students, rather than as an isolated process. We view Seijo as a place where people can expand on their networks of friends and acquaintances, a place where people can develop intellectual ties with others and be part of a real community.

Details of classes at SEIJO Manabi-no-Mori are as follows:

Community College (small class system/tuition fees apply)

Our Community College features paid classes, approximately twenty to choose from per session, taught by our university faculty over spring and fall semesters. Our faculty teach on themes drawn from their specialties, and class size is limited to about 25 students to maintain an intimate learning environment. Classes meet approximately 4-8 times per semester.

Course titles for FY2013 are follows:

Reading Poems by Heine Faculty of Arts and Literature
The World of Primavera: Interpreting Renaissance Art Faculty of Arts and Literature
Introduction to Bioethics Faculty of Law
Why do False Judgments and False Charges Occur? Faculty of Law
Art Production Application Faculty of Economics
Introduction to Shakespeare through Four Film Interpretations of Hamlet Faculty of Social Innovation

Open Campus (lecture style, free of charge/reservations required)

These free lectures area taught by prominent individuals who have a connection to Seijo University or Seijo Gakuen, including our graduates and their parents.

We offer three such lectures each fall in one of our large lecture halls, which seats 450 people. Area residents who have attended our classes have complimented our system, making comments like, "I'm really looking forward to the fall session," or "I'm excited about the lectures because they have really opened my eyes to things I know nothing about."

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