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Institute of Folklore Studies

Materials Held by the Institute

The Institute of Folklore Studies at Seijo University has approximately 120,000 books and periodicals. The following are separately shelved: The Yanagita Collection (approximately 37,000 volumes), the Hori Collection (approximately 10,000 volumes), the Saeki Collection (approximately 8,000 volumes) and the Hirayama Collection (approximately 14,000 volumes). In addition to volumes purchased by and donated to the Institution, the Institute's holdings also include a bequest from Professor Takenori NOGUCHI (cultural anthropology; approximately 2,000 volumes) and a donation from the Folklore Society of Japan (approximately 8,000 volumes). The Institute's collection, centered on folklore studies and extending to fields such as history, religion, and anthropology, offers a comprehensive coverage of Japanese cultural history as a whole. The Institute's collection is available for consultation (please refer to the User's Guide).

The Institute also possesses folk materials such as examples of folk arts and crafts (approximately 250 items), folk-art toys (approximately 1,500 items) and photographs. Selected materials are displayed for the public at special annual exhibitions.

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