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Exchange Program

Seijo University sponsors exchange students from overseas partner institutions for one semester or one academic year (two semesters, fall and spring), starting September and finishing by the end of July.

Seijo offers an intensive Japanese language program, as well as Japan Studies courses, Special Topics courses and Area Studies courses taught in English. Students who possess an appropriate level of Japanese may take regular classes with the approval of each course professor who will determine whether students have the necessary language skills to understand academic Japanese.

Upon completion of each course, exchange students will receive final grades. Credits earned at Seijo can be applied to the student's degree at their home institution.

The academic year consists of two semesters. The first term described as 前期- spring semester (A) runs from April to July, and the second term described as 後期-fall semester (B) runs from September to January. Most of the exchange students start their program from 後期 (B) in September.

Seijo’s exchange program includes many extracurricular events such as the annual Seijo Regatta boat race held in December, various parties and get-togethers with Seijo students, as well as visits to the other schools that comprise Seijo Gakuen.