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Seijo University Library

The university library was built in 1989. The building stands four floors above ground, with an additional three floors below ground.

The library holds 240,000 open-access books shelved on five of the seven floors. The third basement floor is a closed stack, holding a collection of over 280,000 books and periodical back issues shelved on an electric movable shelving system. The building seats 524 visitors using several kinds of tables and individual carrels. The library has a variety of printed materials related to the social sciences and humanities, as well as audio-visual recordings, microfilm, and online resources.

On the open-access floors, undergraduate students have the option to study in group-study rooms equipped with Internet access powered by the campus LAN. Graduate students have the option to study in seminar rooms and study cubicles. All open-access floors are equipped with terminals allowing users to access the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), online journals and various online databases.

The second basement floor is specifically designed for review of audio-visual and microfilm collections, with 34 special seats for review of audio-visual material, and two microfilm reader machines. The AV hall, which accommodates 90 people, is reserved for special events.

Service for books and periodicals is provided at the main counter and the reference counter, located on the first floor. Here a variety of reference books are available. For audio-visual and microfilm, the AV counter is located on the second basement.

The magazine room, located on the third floor of building 3, is a related facility holding current issues of over 1,100 journals. These journals are collected by the Faculties of Economics, Arts and Literature, and Social Innovation. This facility also contains a stock room in the basement which holds over 40,000 back issues of the journals found in the magazine room.

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Library collection

  • Japanese-language books: 400,000
  • Foreign-language books: 280,000
  • Periodicals: 9,900 titles
  • DVDs: 9,400
  • Laser discs: 5,000
  • Videotapes: 7,000
  • CDs: 20,000
  • Analog records: 8,000
  • Microfilms: 27,000