Program and Fees

AJJ 2015 Spring Meeting @ CGS, Seijo University

Schedule, Program and Fees/スケジュール・プログラム・参加費

Schedule and Program/スケジュール・プログラム

◆Date:April 25 (Saturday)‒ April 26 (Sunday), 2015

◆Place:Seijo University, Tokyo, Japan

◆Time Schedule (tentative):

<Saturday, April 25/4月25日・土曜日>

11:00‒11:20 Welcome and Opening Remarks/開会のご挨拶
Prof. Yuji Yui (President of Seijo University/Seijo Gakuen Academy)
Prof. Tomiyuki Uesugi (Chair of Organizing Committee of 2015 AJJ Spring)
11:20‒12:20 Keynote Address 1/基調講演1
Prof. Yoshio Watanabe
(Former President of the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology;
Department of Japanese Literature, Kokugakuin University)
12:30‒13:30 Lunch (AJJ Executive Meeting)/昼食(AJJ理事会)
13:30‒16:15 Sessions/個別発表
16:30‒18:00 Special Event (Film Viewing)/映像民俗学『見世物小屋』の上映
18:30 Reception/懇親会

<Sunday, April 26/4月26日・日曜日>

10:00‒11:00 Keynote Address 2/基調講演2
Prof. Michael Molasky (School of International Liberal Studies(SILS), Waseda University)
11:00‒12:15 Sessions/個別発表
12:15‒12:45 On‒campus Excursion (Institute of Japanese Folklore & Yanagita Library)
12:45‒13:45 Lunch/昼食
13:45‒16:30 Sessions/個別発表
16:45‒17:00 Closing Session and Remarks/閉会のご挨拶
Prof. Noriya Sumihara (President of AJJ; Tenri University)

Admission fees: No admission fee is required/大会参加費無料
Reception: No admission fee is required/懇親会参加費無料

*AJJ 2015 Spring Meeting @ CGS, Seijo University will be financially sponsored by Seijo University/Seijo Gakuen Academy and no admission fee will be required for both the meeting and the reception.

Around Seijo University, there is a wide variety of choices of restaurants and bento shops for your lunch within walking distance.

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