Keynote Speakers & Special Events

AJJ 2015 Spring Meeting @ CGS, Seijo University

Keynote Speakers and Special Events

◆Keynote Address 1 (in Japanese) Saturday, April 25, 11:20‒12:20

Yoshio Watanabe
Prof. Yoshio Watanabe
(Former President of the Japanese Society of CulturalAnthropology; Department of Japanese Literature,Kokugakuin University)

Title: Japanese Histories of Feng‒shui Thought: Science and Divination

◆Special Event Saturday, April 25, 16:30‒18:00
Film Showing and Talk on Japanese Visual Folklore

監督:北村皆雄 プロデューサー:三浦庸子
Director: Minao Kitamura Producer: Yoko Miura

Freak Show: “Human Pump” and His Company


Nowadays, there are only two “Freak Shows” in Japan. Traditionally, they appeared in festivals in various places, and by grotesque pictures and ingenious wording, people were lured into a world of wonder. They might invoke feelings of disbelief, fear, uncanniness, laughter or sadness. Looking back nostalgically on these shows, we recall how they awoke our sense of curiosity. This documentary records Satomi Yasuda, the last “Human Pump,” and his nine‒member companyʼ’s performance in the night festival in Chichibu called “Chichibu‒Yomatsuri.”

◆ Keynote Address 2 (in English) Sunday, April 26 , 10:00‒11:00

Prof. Michael Molasky
(School of International Liberal Studies (SILS), Waseda University)

Title: Writing about Japanese Cultural Space from Inside/Outside

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