Call for Papers

AJJ 2015 Spring Meeting @ CGS, Seijo University

Call for Papers, Schedule and Contacts

Proposals and presentations may be in English or Japanese, or both.

Call for Papers/発表の募集:
The call for papers is now open.

Please send your name, affiliation, a title, and abstract (in English: a short abstract up to 50 words for the meeting handbook and a long abstract up to 200 words for the meeting homepage; in Japanese, a short abstract up to 100 Japanese characters for the meeting handbook, and a long abstract up to 400 Japanese characters for the meeting homepage) to the organizer office by e‒mail: ajj‒glocal@seijo.ac.jp.

Proposals related to the meeting theme, “Glocalizing Japanese Studies: Japanese Studies Inside and Outside Japan,” will be particularly welcome.


Please send your proposals to: ajj‒glocal@seijo.ac.jp

March 25th (Wednesday) April 3rd (Friday) – call for papers closed
  3月25日(水) 4月3日(金) 発表募集の締切切り
March 31st (Tuesday) April 6th (Monday) – proposal acceptance announcement
  3月31日(火) 4月6日(月) 発表の確定
April 6th (Monday) – tentative schedule published
  4月6日(月) 発表スケジュール(暫定版)をHPに掲載
April 25th and 26th – AJJ Spring Meeting
  4月25日(土)~26日(日) 研究大会の開催

AJJ 2015 Spring Meeting @ Seijo University Poster/大会ポスター: Call for Papers

Organizing Committee/組織委員会:
Tomiyuki Uesugi (Chair of the Organizing Committee/Director, Center for Glocal Studies;Department of Cultural History)
Satoru Hyoki (Department of Cultural History)
Makito Kawada (Department of Cultural History)
Masahito Ozawa (Department of Cultural History)
Dennis Riches (Department of Policy Innovation)

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