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Special Program for Exchange Students

Japanese Language Program for 2019

Seijo University has a small yet intensive and rewarding Japanese language program for exchange students. Japanese language courses are divided into three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced according to the result of their placement test which will be conducted during the orientation week. However, there are currently no classes for absolute beginners.

Students who possess an appropriate level of Japanese, they can take regular Seijo University classes with the approval of course professor and an assessment of language skill to understand academic Japanese.
Upon completion of each courses, they will receive final grades, credits that may be transferred to home universities, and official transcripts.

The academic year consists of two semesters, the first term described as 前期- spring semester (A) runs from April to July, and the second term described as 後期-fall semester (B) runs from September to January next year. Most of the exchange students start their program from 後期 (B) in September.

For a detailed description of each courses, please refer to following PDF file contents, or the Seijo Syllabus in the Seijo University web site.

日本語(初級)IA  Japanese (Elementary) IA
日本語(初級)IB  Japanese (Elementary) IB
日本語(中級)IA <日本語聴読解作文>
Japanese (Intermediate) IA <Reading and Listening Comprehension / Writing>
日本語(中級)IB <日本語聴読解作文>
Japanese (Intermediate) IB <Reading and Listening Comprehension / Writing>
日本語(中級)IIA <日本語会話>
Japanese (Intermediate) IIA <Communication>
日本語(中級)IIB <日本語会話>
Japanese (Intermediate) IIB <Communication>
日本語(中級)IIIA <日本語文法と漢字>
Japanese (Intermediate) IIIA <Grammar & Kanji>
日本語(中級)IIIB <日本語文法と漢字>
Japanese (Intermediate) IIIB <Grammar & Kanji>
日本語(中級)IVA <総合日本語>
Japanese (Intermediate) IVA  <Integrated Japanese>
日本語(中級)IVB <総合日本語>
Japanese (Intermediate) IVB  <Integrated Japanese>
日本語(上級)IA <日本語聴読解>
Japanese (Advanced) IA <Reading and Listening Comprehension>
日本語(上級)IB <日本語聴読解>
Japanese (Advanced) IB <Reading and Listening Comprehension>
日本語(上級)IIA <日本語文章表現>
Japanese (Advanced) IIA <Writing>
日本語(上級)IIB <日本語文章表現>
Japanese (Advanced) IIB <Writing>
日本語(上級)IIIA <日本語会話>
Japanese (Advanced) IIIA <Communication>
日本語(上級)IIIB <日本語会話>
Japanese (Advanced) IIIB <Communication>
日本語(上級)IVA <日本語文法と漢字>
Japanese (Advanced) IVA <Grammar & Kanji>
日本語(上級)IVB <日本語文法と漢字>
Japanese (Advanced) IVB <Grammar & Kanji>
日本語(上級)VA <総合日本語>
Japanese (Advanced) VA <Integrated Japanese>
日本語(上級)VB <総合日本語>
Japanese (Advanced) VB <Integrated Japanese>

English or Bilingually Conducted Courses for 2019

For those interested in attending classes conducted in English or Bilingual (Japanese and English), the following courses are particularly recommended for international students. All of these courses focus upon social, cultural, economic, or other issues concerning Japan from a comparative point of view. These courses will not only increase your knowledge and understanding about Japanese culture and society, but will also provide you a unique opportunity to discuss, interact, and share opinions with your fellow Japanese students. These following courses may not always be offered every semester. For availability and updated description of each course, please refer to Seijo Syllabus.